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Why Satellite TV is Better Than Cable

Nowadays, more and more people are switching from their cable providers to satellite providers which can provide them with a TV package catered to their needs.

But, what really makes satellite that much better? People have been using cable for years and suddenly satellite is generating a lot of hype. Why is it so different? And is it really that much better, or is it just the new thing?

Here are the key features of each so we can determine why there is a satellite buzz and why it is better than cable.

Cable TV:

Transmitted through coaxial cables, cable television works by transmitting television programs to the viewer through radio frequencies. As a cable subscriber, the viewer ‘s cable service connects the cable to the TV. Whatever channels are available to your cable provider will be connected to your TV. However, you can only access the ones you have paid for.

The cable equipment can be purchased outside of a cable provider, but you cannot actually use them without the provider which is why the cable provider own both the service and equipment.

Packages vary from each cable provider, but most areas only have one cable provider to choose from. And, generally, the cable package is 20 basic channels with an additional 50 standard channels. For HDTV and DVR, you need a digital box that generally costs extra money.

And, for people living in rural areas, cable is not usually available.

Satellite TV:

Satellite TV works because of a communication device called a satellite dish. Either a dish or a similar device is attached to the outside of your home in an unobstructed view to the southern sky for clear connection. Because of this, the sound and picture are usually much clearer. The technology is more advanced than that of typical TV networks.

Unlike cable, satellite is available to all areas city or rural. And, prices do not change based on location.

Satellite TV provides far more channels than cable and allows for you to choose what you want. You are no longer paying for the channels you are given. Rather, you are paying for what you actually want to watch and will watch. Different packages such as those available from offer different deals and actually cater to what the customer is actually looking for.

Satellite also allows for you to DVR the programs you are missing, but it allows you to DVR more at a time than cable. With cable, typically only one show can be recorded at a time, while with satellite you can usually record many more than just one.

The Result:

It is ultimately up to you, but it seems that satellite TV is the better choice. Satellite is flexible to your needs where cable is trying to cater to everyone so now you are paying for what everyone wants instead of just yourself. Get rid of your old cable provider and give satellite a chance.

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