When Should You Get Rid Of The SEO Agency You Hired?

When you have any website and you own an online business, no matter how small it is, you need to make sure that it evolves in a proper way. Since you are reading this article, you most likely already work with an SEO agency. That is always great since search engine optimization is highly important but most of the agencies out there are not as good as they want you to think. There are situations in which you have to seriously consider firing the agency that works for you and you need to work with a different SEO agency.

You Are Not Receiving Reports On Work Done

There is this attitude that some SEO professionals have: they say they are the professionals and that you just have to let them work. When you see this, fire the company! Do not wait for extra discussions. Just fire the agency. The real specialists want you to see what work is done and will send in reports so that you can offer feedback. This is a necessity to be sure that the promotion goes towards the direction you had in mind.

You Get Links That Are Irrelevant

There are agencies that can easily show you the number of hits the site got but even if the traffic is huge, when it does not convert, it is useless. Make sure that you always look at the links that are gained by the agency. They need to come from sites that have an authority that is as high as possible and that they are basically as related as possible to your site’s pages. If you notice that the links are not related, you have to look for something else as there is a possibility that you will end up with penalties in the future, even if your rankings are great at the moment.

The SEO Agency Does Not Adapt

Change is important in business. This is also true for the SEO agency. If you work with an agency that does not adapt to the latest industry trends, it is a guarantee that the work done for you is sub-par. The problem is that it is quite difficult to figure out if this is the case. Once per month you can read articles on top SEO sites and see the shifts that appear in the industry. Then, discuss with the account manager that the agency assigned and see if they are aware of the changes and if they made modifications for better results.

Lack Of Technical On-Page SEO

It is a true shame to see how many SEO agencies do not actually understand the importance of technical on-page SEO. If you see that the agency does not modify your pages based on the content that is promoted, does not use keywords in meta descriptions and does not change the meta description of all the pages, it is time to look for something else. Even an experienced web developer Sydney will have such knowledge.

It is highly important that an SEO agency is transparent. You want to be able to communicate and know all the work that is done. Whenever you feel that communication is not done and transparency is not as it should be, it is time to look for another agency as there is a high possibility that something wrong may be done.