Top 5 Free Apps for Car Drivers on Android Device

Driving comes among certain those things that some people love to do but some try to avoid it. We cannot deny with the fact that a smartphone has become an essential part of our lives, we use smartphones while working, travelling, driving or just passing the time, but sometimes the smartphone becomes a distraction factor that potentially leads to harm while driving vehicle. So, why not we use the smartphones with utmost care and smartness even on the roads??? Perhaps such use of smartphone makes your journey easier. Here, we have certain applications and utilities that can work out for you in a very effective manner. So, enjoy your wheel-ride by using these smart apps on your smartphone:

appsMapFactor: GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation is the most advanced and effective utility of satellite communication that offers a complete navigation path while driving. Just you need an Android device and install MapFactor in it. It’s a complete navigation application fully loaded with maps and additional required data. Though, there are many navigation applications available on Google Play but most of them are no worth of use as they get fail in fetching the online data.


If you always get the trouble issues like locating your car after a long day’s work in the parking lot then MyCarLocator is all you need to install in your smartphone. This tool relies on active GPS locatin tracking system and pin point the area where you have parked your car. So it’s a very useful application where such situation is very common in most metro cities. To locate your vehicle, just you need to select the “find me” option that will search out the present location of your vehicle. After getting location you can press the direction key and it will get out the shortest possible directions to your vehicle.


If you are eagerly waiting for a mail or message and it comes when you are driving then it becomes a major cause of distraction. Now how it seems if someone will read out that mail or message for you?? Well, this is exactly what DriveSafely does for you. It read out the mails and messages so the owner can focus on the road and drive safely. It’s a simple text to speech application and easily available on Google Play for free.

Ulysse Speedometer

Sometimes people go into harsh speed of vehicle and it leads out to some serious causes. The Ulysse Speedometer is free utility software that shows the most accurate speed of your vehicle using GPS. Also it allows user to set a safe limit so it can warn you everytime you cross that limit.

Auto Answer HandsFree Car

By the driving laws it is strictly prohibited to use Bluetooth handsfree kit or wired handsfree kit to answer the calls. But if you still need to answer that call then install this app in your smartphone as it’s allows you to automatically answer the call by putting the call on loud speaker mode so you can concentrate on road.

So, these are the top 5 free apps you should have in your phone to make your experience with your car much better and easy. These are the simple apps that offer you utmost utility to make your journey safe and less complex.