The Top 5 Most Rewarding Seasonal Jobs


This year, countless thousands of people will research and apply for seasonal jobs. Though seasonal workers may lack stability, some seasonal jobs are incredibly lucrative opportunities.  “Even if these jobs are fleeting experiences,” remarks Mohnish Sani, co-founder of – a site that helps job seekers identify career opportunities  – “ the best of them provide financial independence,  security and chances to network .  Best of all, they allow you to stay active in a professional work environment, while you continue your search for other career opportunities.”

1. Holiday Decorator

Every year, commercial holiday displays become increasingly lavish and complex. In this environment, professional holiday decorators can essentially set their own rates. Experienced decorators can make enough during the holiday season to pay for most or all of their annual living expenses. Though this is a seasonal job, the most prominent figures in this industry work on their decorations all year round. For example, premiere decorator Lou Nasti employs his staff  seven days per week. From August through December, Nasti’s Mechanical Displays company deploys some of the most sophisticated animated figures in the holiday decoration industry.

Every holiday season, prestigious companies spend enormous amounts to show holiday spirit. In major cities like NYC, prominent commercial buildings spend tens of thousands of dollars on their animated lobby displays. Though decorators work at many different levels of compensation, this remains one of the most promising seasonal jobs available today.

2. Test Prep Tutor

These days, the academic world is extremely competitive. As more and more people attend college, only graduates with high GPAs are able to land outstanding business jobs and marketing jobs. In this environment, test prep tutors are in very high demand. Tutors of all kinds have traditionally commanded high rates. However, tutors can earn extraordinary sums when they specialize in preparing students for standardized tests – tests which are seasonal in nature and only come around a few times each year. For undergraduates and graduate students alike, test results can make or break dreams of high starting salaries after graduation. During the fall and winter months, test prep tutors can nearly always find enough work to stay extremely busy. With the complex national employment outlook and rising college enrollments, test prep tutors should face lucrative prospects for many years to come.

3. Personal Gift Shopper

Most people enjoy the holiday tradition of giving and receiving gifts. However, the actual shopping experience is often very stressful. To avoid long lines and nerve-wracking holiday traffic, more and more people are outsourcing this task to personal contract shoppers. All year long, personal shoppers earn at least $100 per hour to outfit client wardrobes. During the holiday season, these workers make even more as they carefully purchase personal and corporate gifts.

4.  Santa Claus Impersonator

This classic holiday job entails filling the role of a cherished cultural icon. Even new Santas can earn a healthy wage of $100 per hour, while experienced impersonators can command up to $200. Better yet, the job has few requirements beyond a pleasing demeanor, a nice beard and Santa-like physical profile.