DDoS Protection Services to Secure your VPS Hosted Website

It is time to secure your website from various kinds of attacks by installing an anti-DDoS device. Before proceeding further, let’s understand what is DDoS and how does it affect your business.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and is used by hackers and spammers to reduce the speed of your website or make it dysfunctional. This is achieved by sending countless web requests from anonymous users to the server of the website. Even before the server responds to one request, it is bombarded with thousands of other anonymous queries and this leads the server being super busy. Genuine users trying to access the website find it difficult to access it and later abandon their efforts. The end result is that the affected website either slows down drastically or just shuts down.

Your anti-DDoS protection guards your website in the following ways:

  1. Mitigation

Whenever your website is bombarded with DDoS attacks, your protection service mitigates the effects of such attacks on the infrastructure or service. Mitigation is done by following these steps:

  1. a) Analysing the traffic- Not all the traffic is checked, but just a small fraction of this traffic is filtered, may be 1/2000th, to find out if this portion has the same characteristics of a DDoS attack? If there are some characteristics that resemble a DDoS attack, then mitigation is immediately triggered.

The following protocols of your website are checked during the mitigation exercise- DNS, UDP, ICMP, IP fragmentation, Null and Private, ACK, SYN, RST and TCP Null.

If your VPS server is not DDoS resistant, call up a technical expert today.

  1. b) Handling the DDoS traffic- You need special technology to handle the massive DDoS traffic attacking your website. Some DDoS protection services use channels that can handle terabytes of data per second. These services distribute their load handling capacity across their multiple servers in different continents so that the DDoS attacks coming from different locations can be tackled easily.

Most anti-DDoS technologies protect their client websites by preventing the following things:

  1. Preventing ICMP Flooding
  2. UDP Flooding

In UDP flooding, spammers attack the various ports of the server to bring them down.

DDoS is bad for your website because:

  1. It brings your website down. When visitors are not able to access your website, then you lose credibility, your one-time customers think you are not serious about your business.
  2. Loss of Revenue- In 2017, a research study revealed that nearly one-third of all US based businesses lost revenue opportunities because of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Most of these attacks happened during peak hours of business.

If you are serious about your business, then you must consider looking for a VPS Hosting provider that stops DDoS attacks effectively.

  1. These attacks can not only bring your website down, they can also rob you of your business secrets and other critical information. One form of DDoS attacks is RDDoS which is linked to the paying of ransom after your site has been taken over by cyber thugs. Avoid this ugly situation by signing up with a VPS Hosting provider who offers DDoS protection.