Are We Making a Mistake by Allowing Spy Apps into the Mainstream?

When spy apps were first brought to life, they were not appreciated. People were concerned that they will be misused as certain individuals would take advantage of them. At that time, spy apps were seen from a very one-dimensional point of view. However, with time, this perception has changed because these tools have started to prove their handiness, especially in the area of parenting and running a business smoothly. So are we making a mistake by allowing spy apps into the mainstream? The short answer is no we’re not.

Parents Love It

There is nothing more precious to a parent than their own children. They are willing to go lengths to keep them protected and safe from the outside world. However, in the modern day where everything has become digital, kids are usually glued to the screen of their iPhone or some other web-connected mobile device that enables them to remain active in the virtual world. The frequency and duration of real-life interaction has diminished over time, which pushes parents to seek help from spy apps like www.mobistealth.com/iphone-spy. Apps like these allow parents to keep tabs on their children’s digital activities. This enables them to know what kind of stuff their kids are interested in, who are they talking to, what kind of stuff they are talking about, what kind of stuff they are looking at, what’s going on in their lives, etc. Now these may not seem like important points to an ordinary individual, but for parents who are in the dark about their children’s lives, these apps can prove to be a life-saver.

Employers Find Them Helpful

Parents aren’t the only ones interested in spy apps. Employers have also taken quite a liking to them. It’s no secret that employee waste time on gadgets like their iPhones at workplace. However, there are some individuals who don’t really care about the work assigned and continue to waste a large chunk of their time. This of course is unacceptable to the employers and so they have to seek help from spy apps. They install these tools on the office-owned devices, be it an iPhone, an Android or a laptop, and then monitor each and every activity being done by their employees. This enables them to know which of the individuals are actually spending their time on actual tasks, and who are the ones wasting their time. By singling out the employees that were wasting time, employers improve the overall performance of their company, and also send a silent message to other people at workplace.


Parents and employers use spy apps on a large scale, but the utility of these apps is not restricted to them. An ordinary individual can also gain benefit from it, especially in case of theft. Mobile can be stolen or users can forget them somewhere. In these circumstances, people have to act quickly and spy apps allow them to do just that. There is a location tracking feature in almost every app in this category, and they keep an eye on users’ device all the time. As soon as their phone gets stolen, they just have to login into another device, and locate their mobile from there. It’s just as simple as that. 

Yes, there is a whole lot of problems associated with legitimizing the distribution of spy apps on such a large scale. But then again, there is hardly any technology that doesn’t pose some kind of threat when in the wrong hands or if used inappropriately. Shunning spying technology is hardly the solution. On the contrary, it would deprive the people who actually do need these apps from the convenience and peace of mind they desperately crave for, while those with malicious motives would certainly find one way or another to acquire and deploy them.