Understanding the link between public WiFi and consumer behaviour

Consumers can be a fickle bunch. Throughout the years, firms have struggled to answer questions like why people make the buying decisions they do, what they find attractive about certain products or services and what puts them off making purchases. In a bid to get to grips with these issues, firms are collecting increasingly detailed data concerning their customers. They can use the information they gather to improve their offerings and to provide people with tailored marketing messages.

Web-based firms have long been collecting data on customers’ browsing and purchasing habits, and now brick-and-mortar establishments are following suit. One of the tools these companies now have at their disposal is public WiFi. By providing free web access, enterprises stand a better chance of meeting customers’ expectations. Meanwhile, public WiFi can also enable companies to gain a better understanding of their customers’ actions and motivations.

How it works

As long as they choose suitable WiFi service providers, companies should now find it easy to glean the relevant consumer data. When internet users log onto the web using their favourite social networks, companies are provided with information concerning their likes, friends, interests and more. This can help organisations to put together an accurate picture of their customer base as a whole. It can also enable them to deliver a highly personalised and relevant experience to individual consumers. This process is referred to as customer relationship management (CRM), and it’s big news in the business world right now.

It’s also possible for firms to use public WiFi to boost their brand presence. When customers connect to these WiFi solutions, a branded status update can be posted that lets their social networks know they are receiving free web access courtesy of the company in question.

The business benefits

Effective CRM is associated with a whole range of business benefits. It can boost customer satisfaction and thereby increase sales. It can also enable companies to hone their advertising efforts, meaning they achieve a better return on their investment. In addition, it can help firms to raise their profiles.

Providing their customers with free, speedy and safe public WiFi needn’t cost enterprises much money, and it can help to give them an advantage over their rivals by making it easier for them to get into the mindsets of their customers.

If your business isn’t yet taking advantage of this technology, now could be the time to make a change. If you don’t, you risk getting left behind by your competitors.