Quick and Simple Tips for Apple TV Users

Apple TV has become an integral part of living rooms. Many people have been buying this device but yet, they don’t know its full potential of functionalities making it a bit harder to use it they it should be used. However, if you want to find some interesting tips and tricks about your Apple TV, you have reached the right place. Here we’ll let you know few easy but interesting Apple TV tips to maximize your fun at home. If you want to know about other media players as well then is another place to get detailed ad authentic information about all best HD media players we love to have. 


1. Enjoy Watching Non-iTunes Content

If you have videos or movies that are in format different than the format your Apple TV can play you simply have to store them in iTunes and select Advanced -> Create Apple TV version. This will convert them into format that is playable for your device.

There are, of course, different alternatives such as Handbrake – this app will help you make the conversion in a simple way.


2. Display Video Information by Using Apps

There is a way to make your Apple TV display information regarding the video such as cast, synopsis, video content, etc. This can be activated manually, but it might be better for you to use program such as VideoDrive or MetaX. By selecting the batches of your videos in iTunes, the app will add info to the files.

3. Watch TV Programs on Apple TV

Keep in mind that Apple TV does not receive TV signals or any TV services. However, you can purchase episodes of your favorite TV shows from the iTunes store or buy TV tuners from Migila or Elgato which will let you record in HD on your Mac. Then you can export your recording and convert them into format that can be played by your Apple TV.

4. Use Air Play to Content Streaming from iOS to Apple TV

If you are using the same wireless network, then you can take advantage of every Airplay compatible application. You will see that a new icon will appear on the right side of the FF button. Just press that button and it will enable you to start the streaming process.


5. Display Desired Photos on Apple TV

If you have enabled the Home Sharing function, then you can display your photos on the Apple TV. Don’t know how to do so? Just go to iTunes and press on “Choose Photos to share” (that can be found in the advanced menu). After doing this you will be able to choose which photos to share. It might be a good idea to create albums because in that way you will be able to sort your images in an easier way.

6. Use Photo Screensaver


Once you have set up the photos you want to share you can use the integrated function for screensaver. Just go to Settings and press on Screen Saver then press Photos. This will allow you to select a picture or a gallery and set it as screensaver. There are different screensaver styles – take a look at that!