Does Samsung Really Have an Edge Over Apple in Smartphones

samsung s4

It goes without saying that the two biggest rivals in the world of smartphones is without a doubt, Samsung and Apple. Both these smartphone giants have their fair share of loyal consumers. However, there is also a section of the global population that is quite flustered as to which one is better. But does Samsung really have an edge over Apple in Smartphones? This question can only be answered in the fairest of manner by comparing their latest offerings in the market. While Samsung released its Galaxy S4, Apple came up with iPhone 5S. Both the phones are phenomenal and have their own share of positives and negatives. However, a complex breakdown of their features will enable us to come up with a favourable result.

Samsung Galaxy S4:

Powered by Android and a screen size that is commendable at 5 inches, the Samsung S4 goes strong with its sales. Since its last offering of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has come a long way in offering better, sharper image quality and a 13 megapixel camera along with a much faster processor.

1.)   Pros:

The enhanced processor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 makes it super fast and easy to use. The large screen with an exceptional image quality earns more brownie points. Not just that, it also has an added feature called the Touch Wiz along with other interesting and attractive ones. It is powered by the latest version of Android and these features certainly give Samsung an edge over Apple.

2.)   Cons:

While the Touch Wiz is something extremely new and innovative, the lack of competitive performance shows how much scope for improvement there is for Samsung. The settings section of the phone is likely to leave a consumer absolutely flustered as to how to go about and will certainly take some time to get used to. The same applies for the different innovative features. All in all, although Samsung has come up with genius idea, it fails to execute, thus leaving behind a UX that will do nothing but disappoint.

apple iphone 5s

One area that Apple does seem to have the edge over Samsung is in the security of the operating system, Samsung phones all run off the Android OS and a recent report has shown that mobile malware is on the rise with Android accounting for 252 of 259 of the mobile threat variants.





3.)   Verdict:

If you want a smartphone that does not require you to get too technical and all you want to use it for is simple tasks, you can opt for it. While Samsung is coming up with innovative products, it is doing nothing to rectify errors made with previous creations.

Apple iPhone 5S:

1.)   Pros:

iPhone 5 was fast enough and the latest in Apple’s repertoire is much faster. The creators have also worked immensely on the camera features by offering a slo-mo capture of 120 fps. Besides, the Touch ID feature is extremely alluring and gives your phone the much needed security.

2.)   Cons:

The iPhone 5s has excellent features pertaining to the camera and Touch ID, not to mention the processors. However, the innovation stops right there and there is nothing new on offer. The screen still remains the same size, which can be considered smaller than what usual smartphone sizes currently are.

3.)   Verdict:

iPhone stays true to its word and delivers unparalleled services. The simple fact that this version of the iPhone is much faster itself makes it attractive. However, there is nothing more on offer than a handful of benefits.

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