CSS Editor Reviews

Cascading Style Sheets

There was a time when a website’s aesthetics was meant to be defined under HTML. Web designers faced a burdensome task of using the <font> code in each web page. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS makes the web designers life much easier by allowing the designer to define the website’s aesthetics in a single external file.

Below are a few CSS tools which have been reviewed:

  • Stylizer:

A unique editor, Stylizer is a CSS editor which concerns itself with real time CSS editing. A web address entered into its own browser (similar to Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 7) results in every CSS related rule being uploaded and ready for editing. Editing happens through the point and click interface. Stylizer is equipped with Code Grid whose function is to show results of editing immediately after the changes come into effect. Another diagnostic, Bullseye allows the user to view associated elements of certain parts of the website and also allows for editing with point and clicks. There are other features such as Size Grips (visual alignment and positioning of CSS element) and Two-Click Coloring (color chooser). It should also be reiterated that these changes can be made in real time which can be viewed almost immediately. Stylizer does not allow for any code or CSS element to be put into the webpage which is not compatible with the existing CSS elements thus, it is highly improbable to make mistakes however, this function does restrict the editor from loading CSS files with many earlier errors.

  • TopStyle CSS Editor:

TopStyle CSS Editor comes with a quite brilliant default configuration which allows the user to choose style definition which shows properties and values which are supported by Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and even iPhone’s OS 2.0. This is very useful for cross platform web designers. Style Inspector, an on board diagnostic is a paneled tool which allows for the inclusion of any CSS property through a point and click interface. After the inclusion, the source code is generated and it allows the web designer to save time from not having to repeatedly code. TopStyle also shows the browser compatibility of each and every CSS property and this makes it very easy to find bugs in the coding very early.

  • Style Master

The self proclaimed master, Style Master does well to create suitable environments for all types of editors. It provides a WYSIWYG editor which helps streamline the workflow for beginners and also gives access to information in detail regarding any CSS property for reference. Categorical classification allows for better viewing.

The editor has almost twenty stylesheet templates and all these are high quality templates which are testaments to the clean and professional outlay of the editor.

Every browser does not need support the same effect that CSS may have for the same web page and this causes designers headaches over a fix to make the CSS property compatible across browsers. Editors help in troubleshooting code and in making the user understand how CSS values work through WYSIWYG editors and also provide inspectors to search out bugs.


Tim is a web designer who has been coding and munching on code for the past decade at He is a specialized in CSS based troubleshooting and he translates his skills to online opinions and advice which he gives out weekly.